Benefits of using Molo at your marina

Molo is a clever, marina management iPad and web app which allows you to manage slips, make reservations, perform point of sale transactions, take payments, send automatic email receipts, and text message reservation confirmations.

Accept Credit Cards and Bank Account Payments at Low, Fixed Rates

  • End the mystery behind your fees.
  • 0% + 99¢ for direct debits from checking and savings accounts.
  • 2.2% to 2.9% + 50¢ for credit card payments. No matter what the card type.
  • No monthly fees and no minimums.
  • Get paid fast! 1-2 business days or weekly, your choice.
  • Stop dealing with checks, bank trips, and emailing your customers to remind them to pay!
  • Process checking account and credit card payments for any customer, including seasonal customers with fully automated recurring billing.

Easy Payments and Integrated Point of Sale

  • Process payments for sales of goods and reservations quickly. Email receipts are just one-touch.
  • Molo will automatically email your customers a notification and process recurring payments from their checking account, savings account, or credit card on file. No need for all that manual labor.
  • Robust point of sale allows for payment collection of fuel, services, and goods.
  • Export your transactions to QuickBooks or other accounting software.

Increased Efficiency and Easier Revenue Capture

  • Know exactly which of your slips are available and when.
  • All of your contacts (captains, owners, and crew) and boats are organized and stored in the cloud. Available to be viewed from anywhere at any time.
  • Better staff management through task assignment and tracking of task completion.
  • Automated e-mails to your customers to improve communication, satisfaction, and lower your no-show rate.
  • Full multiple location support.

Reports: Electricity; Occupancy; and Revenue.

  • Get a quick and real-time look at current occupancy and revenues.
  • Analyze your data for better business intelligence.
  • New reports and report improvements at no extra charge!
  • Data on your fuel usage, reservation statistics, and slip utilization are just some of the reports available. Just one click on your internet browser.


  • Everything you need is on the iPad or web browser. Take your work out of the marina office to the docks or your home.
  • Check on slip availability from anywhere.
  • Request your dockhands to check on a customer or boat even if you are not at the marina.

No Startup Fees and Lower Operating Costs

  • No servers to buy, no IT staff to maintain. Just an iPad or computer and you're up and running.
  • Unlike other marina management software, pay a very low yearly subscription fee based on the size of the marina.
  • Grade A support, secure data storage in the cloud, and redundant backup of your data is included.
  • Unlimited users with no extra license or support fees.