Benefits of using Molo at your marina

Molo is a clever, marina management iPad app which allows you to manage slips, make reservations and take payments.

Accept Credit Cards and Checking Account Payments at Low, Fixed Rates

  • End the mystery behind your fees.
  • 0% + 89¢ for direct debits from checking accounts.
  • 2.9% + 30¢ for credit card payments. No matter what the card type, swiped or keyed.
  • No monthly fees or charges and no minimums.
  • Get paid fast! Usually in 1-2 business days.
  • Stop dealing with checks, bank trips, and emailing your customers to remind them to pay!
  • Process checking account and credit card payments for any customer, including seasonal customers with fully automated recurring billing.

Easy Payments and Integrated Point of Sale

  • Process payments for sales of goods and reservations quickly.
  • Molo will automatically email your customers a notification and process recurring payments from their checking account or credit card on file. No need for all that manual labor.
  • Robust point of sale allows for payment collection of fuel, services, and goods.
  • Export your transactions to QuickBooks or other accounting software.

Increased Efficiency and Easier Revenue Capture

  • Know exactly which of your slips are available and when.
  • All of your contacts (captains, owners, and crew) and boats are organized and stored in the cloud. Available to be viewed from anywhere at any time.
  • Better staff management through task assignment and tracking of task completion.
  • Automated e-mails to your customers to improve communication, satisfaction, and lower your no-show rate.
  • Multiple location support.

Reports: Electricity; Occupancy; and Revenue.

  • Get a quick and real-time look at current occupancy and revenues.
  • Analyze your data for better business intelligence.
  • New reports and report improvements at no extra charge!


  • Everything you need is on the iPad or web browser. Take your work out of the marina office to the docks or your home.
  • Check on slip availability from anywhere.
  • Request your dockhands to check on a customer or boat even if you are not at the marina.

No Startup Fees and Lower Operating Costs

  • No servers to buy, no IT staff to maintain. Just an iPad or computer and you're up and running.
  • Unlike other marina management software, pay a very low monthly or yearly subscription fee based on the size of the marina.
  • Grade A support, secure data storage in the cloud, and redundant backup of your data is included.
  • Unlimited users with no extra license or support fees.